Major Research Interests

·        Topologic and Geometric Characterization of Local Structures and their Applications            (powerpoint)

o   Research and clinical bone imaging studies by leading groups at various institutes using our method

·        3D Simple Point, Topology Preservation, and Skeletonization              (powerpoint)

·        Fuzzy Connectivity, Distance Transform, and their Applications          (powerpoint)

·        Multi-Scale Opening                         (powerpoint)

·        Object Class Uncertainty Theory in Image Segmentation and Classification               (powerpoint)

·        Topology and Geometry in Bone Imaging

Invites Talks

·        Skeletonization and Its Application to Quantitative Morphometry

presented at the Workshop on Computational Methods and Clinical Applications in Musculoskeletal Imaging (MSKI), Asian Conference on Computer Vision (ACCV’16), Taipei, Taiwan, November 24, 2016

·        Topology and Geometry in Bone Imaging

presented as a keynote speaker at the Workshop on Discrete Geometry and Mathematical Morphology for Computer Vision at the 20th International Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention (MICCAI) 2017, September 10th to 14th, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada