April 2019: Wenbo, Matt and Li won the 2019 Research Open House Graduate Best Poster Awards for their multi-scale-material 3d printing and bone scaffold printing projects.

Jan 2019: Mr.Levi Kirby and Mr. Baizhuang Zhou joined our lab. Getting MS and BS degrees from Western Illinois University, Levi will continue his PhD study in our lab. Baizhuang got his BS degree at UI and will pursue his MS degree. Welcome!

Aug 2018: Xuan (lead PI) received an NSF grant to study additive manufacturing of bi-continuous piezoelectric composites with Dr Lei Chen (PI) at MSU.

Jun 2018: Xuan (PI) received a $15,000 IPRC Pilot grant to develop a 3D printing solution for prevention of injury associated with alcohol abuse (Co-PI: Dr. Nicole Brogden).

April 2018: Fan and Wenbo won the Graduate Best Poster Award at the 2018 COE Research Open House for their poster "Multi-scale Additive Manufacturing: A 3D-printing Method based on Digital Light Processing".

Jan 2018: Xuan received the 2018 Old Gold Summer Award for his research on additive manufacturing of bi-continuous piezocomposites.

August 2017: Mr.Fan Fei joined our lab as a PhD student with Dean's Graduate Fellowship. He obtained his M.S. degree from University of Florida and B.S. degree from Harbin Institute of Technology, China. Welcome!

Feb 2017: See a blind student robot project including assistance from Xuan reported by CBS2/FOX28, the college of engineering and Iowa Now.

Dec 2016: Xuan's paper "Biomimetic anisotropic reinforcement architectures by electrically assisted nanocomposite 3D printing" was accepted for publication on Advanced Materials. In the paper, we reported an electrically assisted additive manufacturing approach that bio-mimics the Bouligand structure in natural creatures to create highly impact resistant architectures.

Nov.8.2016: Xuan received the OVPR/CMRF Pilot Project Seed Grant. The grant will support new material development, making use of instrumentation at the state-of-the-art Central Microscopy Research Facility at UI.

Sep.22.2016: Xuan gave a talk at the IE graduate seminar on his recent research. The title was "Extend the Fabrication Capability of Additive Manufacturing Through a Slurry-based Stereolithography Process".

August 2016: Mr.Li He joined our lab. He obtained his M.S. and B.S. degrees from Wuhan University, China. Welcome!

July 2016: Our paper "3D printing of piezoelectric element for energy focusing and ultrasonic sensing" was published online by Nano Energy.