About the lab

   The research of our group focuses on studying how material forming processes existing in nature can be utilized to enable next-generation additive manufacturing (AM) technologies. Our current research topics include:

  • Next-generation AM technology development. We learn from nature to develop next-generation AM technologies, which feature multi-material, multi-scale, ultra-fast speed, energy-efficient, etc.
  • AM Process modeling, quality control and optimization. We use experimental and theoretical techniques to advance the understanding of fundamental physics behind nature-inspired AM processes and achieve performance-driven process control.
  • Novel applications of new AM technologies. We utilize the unique capabilities of our AM technologies to create game-changing devices for various applications, such as tissue engineering, sensing, energy harvest, robots, etc.

  • Recent Publications

  • Fei, F., Kotak, P., He, L., Li, X., Vanderhoef, C., Lamuta, C., Song, X., 2021. “Cephalopod-inspired Stretchable Self-morphing Skin via Embedded Printing and Twisted Spiral Artificial Muscles.” Advanced Functional Materials.
  • Remy, M., Akkouch, A., He, L., Eliason, S., Sweat, M., Krongbaramee, T., Fei, F., Qian, F., Amendt, A.; Song, X., Hong, L., 2021. “Rat Calvarial Bone Regeneration by 3D-Printed Beta-Tricalcium Phosphate Incorporating MicroRNA-200c.” ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering.
  • He, L., Wang, X., Fei, F., Chen, L., Song, X., 2021. “Selectively Doped Piezoelectric Ceramics with Tunable Piezoelectricity via Suspension-Enclosing Projection Stereolithography.” Additive Manufacturing.
  • More...

    Opening (new!!!)

    We have fully-funded Ph.D. positions available for Spring/Fall 2023. Students with background in ceramic processing, material characterization, crystallography, and/or solid state chemistry are encouraged to contact Dr. Song with your CV.



    April 2022: Xuan received the 2022 SME Outstanding Young Manufacturing Engineer award.

    April 2022: Bill and Prabhav won the 2022 Research Open House Best Poster Award.

    Nov 2021: Our paper on smart skin printing featured in Advanced Functional Materials.

    Mar 2021: New grant awarded from DOE's REMADE institute to study new AM technologies for wastepaper recycling.

    Oct 2020: Our project on energetic materials printing covered by the Graphene Council news.

    Aug 2020: US Patent issued for our support-free ceramic printing technology.

    Jun 2020: Levi received the SME E.Wayne Kay PhD Scholarship.

    May 2020: New AFOSR grant awarded to study AM of energetic composites.