About the lab

   Additive Manufacturing-Integrated Product Realization Laboratory (AMPRL) was established by Dr. Xuan Song in August 2016 at the department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at the University of Iowa. At AMPRL, we focus on the research and development of advanced materials and novel structures by improving existing additive manufacturing (AM) processes and inventing new AM technologies. Our current research interests include:

  • New process development for next generation AM technologies, such as multi-material, multi-scale and multi-directional printing. The goal is to print polymers, ceramics, metals or composites at different scales;
  • Process modeling, quality control and optimization for AM. Research is carried out to improve fabrication accuracy by identifying the process-structure-property relationships for different materials and geometries;
  • Novel design and applications using AM technologies, such as 4D printing, tissue engineering, microfluidics, robots, biologically inspired structures, etc.

  • Recent Publications

  • He, L., Song, X., 2018. "Supportability of a High-Yield-Stress Slurry in A New Stereolithography-based Ceramic Fabrication". JOM, accepted.
  • Ji, Y.Z., Wang, Z., Wang, B., Chen, Y., Zhang, T., Chen, L.Q., Song, X. and Chen, L., 2017. "Effect of Meso-Scale Geometry on Piezoelectric Performances of Additively Manufactured Flexible Polymer-Pb(ZrxTi1-x)O3 Composites". Advanced Engineering Materials.
  • Yang Yang#, Zeyu Chen#, Xuan Song#, Zhuofeng Zhang, Jun Zhang, K. Kirk Shung, Qifa Zhou, Yong Chen."Biomimetic anisotropic reinforcement architectures by electrically assisted nanocomposite 3D printing". Advanced Materials.
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    August 2017: Fan Fei joins our lab as a PhD student. Welcome, Fan!

    Feb 2017: A blind student robot project including assistance from Xuan reported by CBS2/FOX28.

    Dec 2016: Xuan's paper on 3d printing of biomimetic nanocomposite was accepted by Advanced Materials.

    Nov 2016: Xuan received a Pilot Project Seed Grant from OVPR/CMRF.

    Sep 2016: Xuan gave a talk at the IE graduate seminar.

    August 2016: Li He joins our lab. Welcome, Li!