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Check here for important dates and announcements of future Rush Weeks!.

Rush Week Spring 2017 has ended.

Lamis Awdi
Erick Calma
Quynh Dao
Noah Decker
Gregory Derk
Julissa Esquivel
Payton Evans
Zach Heisterkamp
Nicholas Hsiao
Emily Kagan
Alex Kraft
Cassidy Lindow
Kalley Matzen
Jacob Molden
Ashrita Raghuram
Bailey Rambo
Elizabeth Shaw
Nathaniel Stojak
Sarah Wehrkamp
Chastity Williams
Matthew Yazvec



Theta Tau Omicron initiates new members both Fall and Spring semester. Recruitment (Rush) Week will take place at the beginning of each semester. During Rush Week, the Recruitment Committee will host informational sessions to provide potential members with important information regarding the major time and financial requirements of the fraternity. Additionally, the committee will organize a few food-oriented events, during which potential members and current brothers are encouraged to get to know each other. These events are advertised on our website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and by the College of Engineering.

To be considered by the fraternity, you must attend at least one of the informational sessions. At this time, you will be given a written application, which you must hand in before the end of Rush Week. Because there is a maximum number of bids that we are allowed to offer each semester, taking the time to fill out the application thoroughly
The badge of Theta Tau, which identifies brothers of.
the fraternity. Each member owns a badge, which they
receive after initiation to the fraternity.
and attending all Rush Week events will help our brothers get to know you. If the chapter collectively decides that a potential member satisfies the requirements necessary to be in the fraternity, they will receive a bid the following week. After receiving a bid, potential new members may choose to accept or decline. If you would like any more information on recruitment, please contact the Recruitment Committee.