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57:020 Mechanics of Fluids and Transfer Processes
General Instructions
Measurement of Kinematic Viscosity (PDF, 6K)
- Prelab Presentation (PDF, 337K)

Measurement of Velocity Profile and Head Loss/Friction Factor in Pipe Flow (PDF, 11K)
- Prelab Presentation (PDF, 674K)

Measurement of Pressure Distribution and Lift for an Airfoil (PDF, 9K)
- Calibration of Pressure Transducers (PDF, 441K)
- Prelab Presentation (PDF, 559K


53:071 Principles of Hydraulics
General Instructions
Energy and Hydraulic Grade Lines in Water Pipe Systems
- Prelab Presentation (PPT, 876K)

Local Losses in Pipe Flows
- Prelab Presentation (PPT, 1.3M)

Analysis of Open-Channel Flow Transitions Using the Specific Energy Diagram
- Prelab Presentation (PPT, 471K)

Weir Calibration
- Prelab Presentation (PPT, 402K)

Pelton Turbine Experiment 
- Instructions (DOC, 11,849KB)
-Prelab Presentation Project #1 (PPT, 1022 KB)
-Prelab Presentation Project #2 (PPT, 2010 KB)

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