Current and Past Research

Fundamentals and Applications of Photopolymerization

Comprehensive Modeling and Advanced Experimental Characterization of Photopolymerization Kinetics
Kinetic Studies of Cationic and Hybrid Cationic/Radical Photopolymerization
Fundamental Characterization of Three Component Initiator Systems
Development of Novel (Meth)Acrylic Monomers for Ultrarapid Polymerization and Enhanced Polymer Properties
The Impact of Oxygen on Photopolymerization Kinetics and Polymer Structure
Modeling of Photobleaching for Photopolymerization of Thick Systems
Mechanistic Studies, Advanced Characterization, and Novel Development of Thiol/Ene Reactions
  Development of a Parallel Evaluation Scheme for UV Monomer Formulations
  Photopolymerization Shrinkage in Polymers and Composites
  Raman Spectroscopy for Cure Monitoring of Films & Coatings
  Photo-enforced Stratification in Coating and Adhesive Materials
  Property Evolution in Photopolymer Systems
  Photoclick Reaction
  Polymer-clay nanocomposites
  Experimental and Modeling Studies of Free-Radical Photopolymerizations with LEDs
  Hybrid Molecular Fillers