Center Educational Activities

     The Center is working to fill the need for education in the fundamentals and applications of photopolymerizations by pursuing a variety of innovative educational programs targeted to undergraduate students, graduate students, and industrial scientists. Specific goals of this program are:

(1) to engage undergraduate and graduate researchers in cutting edge research experiences guided by a multidisciplinary academic and industrial leadership team;

(2) to develop novel experiments on photopolymerization science and engineering that can be integrated into existing undergraduate courses;

(3) to create a new dual-level course entitled Fundamentals and Applications of Photopolymerization that includes classroom lessons from academic and industrial experts as well as laboratory and hands-on homework experiences;

(4) to design and implement a new, web-based photopolymerization course targeted to graduate students and industrial scientists and engineers which exploits the educational advantages of the multimedia educational environment.

     The curriculum development activities will build from both the Center research and the perspective provided by the industrial members of the Center.