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Abstracts are available for the papers below.

Refereed Publications

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Working Papers

  1. Hsieh, Yi-Chih and Dennis L. Bricker, "Infeasible Interior Point Algorithm Following a Path on the Complementarity Surface"
  2. Hsieh, Yi-Chih and Dennis L. Bricker, "Computational Experience with a New Infeasible Interior Point Algorithm"
  3. Hsieh, Yi-Chih and Dennis Bricker, "New Paths for Path-Following Algorithms"
  4. Xu, Lina and Dennis Bricker, "Bounds for Stop-Loss Premium Under Restrictions on the Chi-Square Statistic" (pdf file)
  5. Vargas, SClaudina and Dennis Bricker, "Combining DEA and factor analysis to improve evaluation of academic departments given uncertainty about the output constructs" (pdf file)
  6. Chen, Ta-Cheng, Dennis Bricker, and Soo Y. Chang, "An Application of Lagrangian Decomposition to the Scheduling of Hot Charged Rolling in Steel Production"
  7. Techapichetvanich, K. and D. L. Bricker (1993). "Investigation of Lagrangian Heuristics for Set Covering Problems" (pdf file)
  8. Sohn, Hansuk and D. L. Bricker,"Utilizing the Surrogate Dual Bound in Capacity Planning Under Economies of Scale" (pdf file)
  9. Sohn, Hansuk and D. L. Bricker,"A Cross-Decomposition Scheme for Two-Stage Stochastic Linear Programming" (pdf file)
  10. Bricker, D. L., "Quasi-conjugacy, Quasi-subgradients, and Surrogate Duality in Nonconvex Programming" (pdf file)
  11. Bricker, D.L., Han-Suk Sohn, and Wei-Min Liarng, "Simultaneous Capacity Requirements Planning and Material Requirements Planning in Production"
  12. Sohn, Hansuk and D. L. Bricker, "A Heuristic Algorithm for Modifying Solutions of the Lagrangian Dual Subproblem to Attain Feasible CMST Networks" (2003)

Abstracts are available for the papers above.

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