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Dr. Charles (Charlie) Stanier
office: 4122 Seamans Center
phone: 319-335-1399
fax: 319-335-1415

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Current Research Team

marisol_contreras_photoMarisol Contreras

Marisol is working on design and environmental / technoeconomic analysis of alternative energy systems. (co-advised with Syed Mubeen)
Beiming Tang photo

Beiming Tang (linked in profile)

Beiming is currently working on WRF-Chem models over Asia, reactive nitrogen, and the KORUS-AQ campaign (co-advised with Greg Carmichael)

Megan Christiansen Photo

Megan Christiansen

Megan is working on coastal air quality using models and measurements. She was involved with the Lake Michigan Ozone Study 2017 (co-advised with Greg Carmichael)

Former Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Researchers

Links are to their most recent webpages, LInked In profiles, ResearchGate, etc.

  • Nathan Janechek -- Thesis: Atmospheric Modeling and Experimental Characterization of Gas and Aerosol Phase Cyclic Volatile Methyl Siloxanes (2018)
  • Can Dong - Thesis: Modeling Study of Nucleation and Air Quality in the Midwestern United States (2018)
  • Ashish Singh - Thesis: Measurement of the Physical Properties of Ultrafine Particles in the Rural Continental U.S. (2015) ResearchGate LinkedIn
  • Robert Bullard - Thesis:  Characterization of Nucleation & Ultrafine Particle Growth in Rural Continental Environments (2015)
  • Jaemeen Baek - postdoctoral researcher 2009-2014
  • Morgan Brown Yarker - Thesis: Mapping argument-based inquiry approaches to the use of scientific models about climate and weather concepts in a middle school classroom (2013)
  • Aditsuda Jamroensan - Thesis: Anthropogenic CO2 over the Midwestern USA: A combined Observation and Model-Based Analysis (2013)
  • Sinan Sousan - Thesis: Optimal Interpolation of Satellite and Model-Based Aerosol Data (2012)
  • Sang Rin Lee - postdoctoral researcher 2007-2011, now at Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction Co., LTD (Korea)
  • Kelsey Coulter Petrich -- BS/MS program graduate
  • Alicia Kalafut Pettibone - Thesis: Tower a Better Understanding of New Particle Formation (2009)
  • Juan Navea - postdoctoral researcher 2006-2009
  • J. Elliott Campbell - Thesis: Optimal Recovery of Regional CO2 Surface Fluxes by Data Assimilation of Anthorpogenic and Biogenic Tracers (2007)

Undergraduate Researchers, Current ...

Austin Doak
Mayra Cardenas Narvaez

and past

Joe A'Hearn
Kathleen Wade
Bella Larson
Kyle Wersinger
John Mauk
Matthew Johnson
Nathan Bryngelson
Nathan White
Zach Behrendt
Andrew Hesselink
Ben Behrendt 
Sarah Fischer
Allaa Hassanein
Jessica Carlson
Pat Saylor
Andrew Myers
Caitlin Anderson
Taylor Malott
Timothy Rohlf
Alex Bender
Jameson Schoenfelder
Kyle Lilly: REU Student from Luther College
Adam Beranek-Collins
Jay Raife
Jessica Cowart
Christopher Miller
Tyler Gunn
Zach Rodenburg






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