* Professor, The University of Iowa [July 2005 - Present]

    * Associate Professor, The University of Iowa [July 2001 - June 2005]

    * Assistant Professor, The University of Iowa [August 1995 - June 2001]

    Teach courses in the areas of structural mechanics, reliability, and computer-aided engineering at both undergraduate and graduate levels. Current research focuses on probabilistic and computational mechanics with applications in mechanical, civil, nuclear, automotive, and aerospace structures. Current studies involve:

    • Stochastic Nonlinear Fracture of Ductile Solids (NSF)
    • Stochastic Meshless Methods (NSF)
    • Probabilistic Simulation of Fracture by Galerkin Meshless Methods (NSF)
    • Fracture Simulation of Functionally Graded Materials (NSF)
    • Reliability of Solder Joints in Advanced Electronic Packaging (Rockwell)
    • Response Surface Methods for Design, Optimization, and Reliability (Rockwell)
    • Porous-Metal Plasticity Behavior of Cast Stainless Steels (PROACT/DoD)
    • Probabilistic Analysis of Cracks in Pressure Vessels and Piping (USNRC)

    * Faculty Fellow, NASA Lewis Research Center [June 1997 - August 1997]

    Performed research on computational durability analysis of ceramic structures subjected to fatigue and creep. More specifically, research involves:

    • Life Predcition of Ceramic Structures under Combined Static and Cyclic Fatigue
    • State-of-the Art Methods for Ceramic Reliability Analysis
    • Improved CARES/Life Code for Ceramic Durability and Reliability Analyses

    * Research Scientist, Battelle Columbus Laboratories [November 1990 - July 1995]

    Developed research programs and conducted studies for programs (funded by USNRC, FAA/DoT, AGA, GRI, IPIRG, and other industrial sponsors) on elastic-plastic fracture mechanics and advanced probabilistic analysis of structural systems. Examples of such programs include:

    • Computational and Probabilistic Methods for Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of Structural Systems (Battelle)
    • Markov Models for Cumulative Damage in Seismic Structural Analysis (NCEER)
    • Advanced Reliability Analysis in Aging Aircraft Research (FAA/DoT)
    • Elastic-Plastic Fracture Mechanics in Nuclear Piping and Pressure Vessels (USNRC)
    • Probabilistic Pipe Fracture Analysis (USNRC, IPIRG)
    • Stochastic Models for Fatigue and Primary Creep Damage (AGA, GRI)
    • Deterministic Chaos in Nonlinear Seismic Dynamics (Battelle)
    • Dynamic Analysis of Steel Cabinet Structures (BNR, Inc.)

    * Graduate Research Assistant, Cornell University [January 1987 - November 1990]

    Developed advanced probabilistic models for local and global damage assessment of structural systems subject to random seismic excitations. Work involved improved definitions of seismicity, novel methods to evaluate system response, and more accurate assessment of seismic reliability.

    * Teaching Assistant, Purdue University [August 1985 - December 1986]

    Taught recitation sections for both undergraduate and graduate courses, such as Strength of Materials and Plates and Shells.

    * Lecturer, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology [September 1984 - August1985]

    Taught undergraduate courses, such as Mechanics of Materials and Structural Analysis and Design, in the Department of Civil Engineering.

    * Research Engineer, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology [September 1984 - August1985]

    Performed finite element analysis of thin and thick shell structures. Work included mesh generation and data preparation for their use in general and special purpose finite element codes. Work also involved experimental studies on material characterization.

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