ME:5160:0001 Intermediate Mechanics of Fluids (Fall 2020)
College of Engineering, The University of Iowa

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Quick information

Class Location:  Class lecture Zoom

ID : 986 2051 9170 (pw sent via E-mail)

Time and Days:  10:30am - 11:20am MWF
Instructor:  Professor Frederick Stern
Office: 223C Hydraulics Lab
Phone:  335-5215
office hours: 9:30am - 10:20am MWF

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TA Office hours

Sungtek Park

HW questions, grading and CFD labs

[Time] 9:30am~ 10:20am MWF

[Location] Zoom (on line)

Wednesday: One of previous HW problem will be solved

Zhaoyuan Wang

CFD Lecture



Lecture notes

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3&4

Curvilinear coordinates

Absolute inertial, relative inertial, and non-inertial coordinates

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

6.1 Laminar Flow

6.2 Stability

6.3 Turbulent Flow

6.4 Pipe Flow

TKE/Reynolds stress budgets for canonical flows

Chapter 7

Boundary layer separation

Bluff Body

Free shear flows

Chapter 8


CFD labs

ISTUE ASEE Papers: Paper 1, Paper 2, Paper 3

Lab Report Instructions (PDF, DOC)

CFD lecture: Introduction to CFD (CFD Movie clip), Numerical methods for CFD
 Turbulence modeling for CFD  Grid Generation and Post-Processing for CFD

CFD V&V: Reference 1, Reference 2; V&V Instruction

CFD Lab1: Pipe flow

CFD Lab2: Airfoil

CFD Lab3: Diffuser

CFD Lab4: Ahmed Car

CFD Lab1 Concepts


CFD Lab1 Manual (PDF, DOC)

CFD Lab1 Workbench (Download)

CFD Lab 1 V&V Excel sheet (Download)

CFD Lab2 Concepts


CFD Lab2 Manual (PDF, DOC)


Airfoil Geometry (Download)
CFD Lab2 Meshes (Download)

CFD Lab2 Script (Download)

CFD Lab 1 V&V Excel sheet (Download)

Reference 1


Geometry Importing Problem (PDF)


CFD Lab3 Concepts

CFD Lab3 Manual (PDF, DOC)



Reference 1

CFD Lab4 Concepts

CFD Lab4 Manual (PDF, DOC)


Reference 1; Reference 2   


Animation script files (Download)

Sample Video(Ahmed car)

Summary of (CFD LAB 4)

EFD data:




EFD data:






EFD data:





EFD data:


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