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A followup to our workshop for middle school teachers was held.

Sinan Sousan graduated with his Ph.D. in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering.

May-June 2012. Iowa City Landfill fire. We assisted with sampling and modeling the smoke plume.

July-August 2012. Sampling in Iowa City for the Johnson County Air Quality Study.


Our summer workshop for middle school teachers was held in June, with information here and here.

A CGRER blog entry based on a journalist interview with Stanier.

Sang Rin Lee completed his postdoctoral research work at the University of Iowa and joined Doosan Heavy Industries in Korea



- Robert Bullard joined the group as a graduate student working towards his Ph.D.

- Ashish Singh joined the group as a graduate student working towards his Ph.D.


- 2010/2011 IMCANS (Iowa's Multiscale Carbon and Nitrogen Studies) scholarship winners announced. Ben Behrendt, Robert Bullard, Kelsey Coulter, and Lorraine Buckmann are the recipients.


- Stanier joined the Iowa Department of Natural Resources PM2.5 Implemantation Workgroup, which is focused on implementing effective and sensible regulations for reducing PM2.5 concentrations and the associated health hazards. More information, including Stanier's presentation to the group, can be found here.


- Aditsuda presented a poster at the WRF workshop, and also a presentation to the NOAA Global Monitoring Division in Boulder.


- Alicia Pettibone completed her Ph.D. and joined NIST in Maryland as a postdoctoral researcher

- We began working with LADCO (Lake Michigan Air Directors Consortium) for a data analysis and modeling project regarding 3 months of high time resolution nitrate, nitric acid, and ammonia and ammonium aerosol data from rural and urban sites in Georgia and Wisconsin.


- The flood of 2008 hit us over the summer of 2008, severely flooding the Iowa Advanced Technology Laboratories.

- University of Iowa base grant program starts under the Iowa Space Grant Consortium (ISGC). Our program is entitled IMCANS: Iowa's Multiscale Carbon and Nitrogen Studies. More details and project website to come soon. Participants are Thanos Papanicolaou (co-director), Greg Carmichael, and Tom Moorman of the USDA National Soil Tilth Lab in Ames.

- Our group is part of the Nanoscience and Nanotechnology REU program at the University of Iowa. Kyle Lilly from Luther College is the REU student working in our group.

- Award winning posters at the Research Open House by with lead authors Adam Beranek-Collins on design and testing of automated SO2 sampling systems for the tall tower, the Jay Raife on Personal Exposure Aerosol Screening Model (PEASM), and Development of Emission Factors from Mexico City by Alicia Pettibone.

- Paper on parameterization of aerosol semivolatility from smog chamber experiments published in AE.


- Dec - Sang-Rin Lee joined the group as a postdoctoral researcher working on a personal exposure screening model for air toxics and size-resolved ultrafine particles from urban vehicles. See more in the people section..

- Dec - Stanier won the Health Effect Institute's Walter A. Rosenblith's New Investigator Award.



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