Image Processing, Analysis, and Machine Vision
Milan Sonka, Vaclav Hlavac, and Roger Boyle

The book (2nd Edition) was published by PWS - an Imprint of Brooks and Cole Publishing in 1998,
ISBN 0-534-95393-X.

Here is how to order, just search for authors on the Thomson Publishing order page.

Locally, the book is available at the University Book Store at the Iowa Memorial Union.

* Table of Contents

* Chapter 1: Introduction

* Chapter 2: Image Properties

* Chapter 3: Data Structures in Images Analysis

* Chapter 4: Image Pre-processing

* Chapter 5: Segmentation

* Chapter 6: Shape Representation and Description

* Chapter 8: Image Understanding

* Chapter 9: 3D Vision (Part I)

* Chapter 11: Linear Discrete Image Transforms

* Chapter 12: Image Data Compression

* Chapter 13: Texture

* Chapter 14: Motion Analysis

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