Bringing Innovations to Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Andrew B. Williams is the Director of the DIAL Lab.  He is an assistant professor in the department of Electrical & Computer Engineering and the department of Computer Science



The mission of the DIAL Lab is to conduct innovative theoretical Artificial Intelligence (AI) research to solve complex knowledge sharing problems between software agents, robotic agents, virtual human agents, and humans.


The areas of our research include Multi-Agent Coordination, Teamwork, Consensus, Learning, and Knowledge Representation.

The domains we perform research include Bioinformatics and Disease Gene Discovery, AI Virtual Human Modeling and Simulation, Automatic Landmine Neutralization, AI in Video Games, RoboCup Soccer, and RoboCup Search and Rescue.

The DIAL lab is located in the University of Iowa College of Engineering Seamans Center

University of Iowa

College of Engineering

5015 Seamans Center

Iowa City, IA 52242

Email: abwill@engineering.uiowa.edu

Phone: 319.384.0833

Fax: 319.335.6028

To contact us:

DIAL Team members from L to R: Dr. Michael Grassi, Cory McNeely, George Thomas, Charles Bartel, Dr. Andrew Williams, Robert McCabe, Kendra Maxwell, John Lee, Zijian Ren