People to Meet

Adrian Korpel Meet the host of this web site; the man behind the newspaper column, book, technical and literary publications
Ann Black, Web Meister A little info on myself, for the courious(Currently Under Major Construction)

Places to See

Road Map What to see? How to get there? Navigate your way to an educational adventure!
Newspaper Columns Extra, Extra! Read all about life as it really is in Adrian Korpel's personal essay column in the Iowa City Press-Citizen
Modern Optics Be the first to take a glance at this new technical book by Adrian Korpel
Technical Publications and Notes Some of these have been published, some are pre-prints, some are speculations. Feel free to critque!
Literary Publications This collection of Adrian Korpel's short stories and poems, will tickel your funny bone, stir your soul or both. Be sure to stop by and read Adrian's latest collection of poetry : Poetry Lite

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