Michelle M. Scherer
Professor and DEO
Civil and Environmental Engineering

Phone: 319.335.5654
Fax: 319.335.5660

Our research is in the general area of Environmental Geochemistry.
We are particularly interested in redox reactions at mineral-water interfaces such as those shown in the images above. We investigate the kinetics of both surface redox reactions and adsorption processes using a variety of experimental approaches including Mössbauer spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction, electron microscopy, and isotope tracer studies. Current projects are focused electron transfer reactions on Fe  oxides, clays, and fate of aresnic and uranium during Fe2+ catalyzed recry stallization.

We are always looking for motivated graduate students to join our group. Students joining our group come from diverse backgrounds including, but not limited to, engineering, chemistry, environmental science, geology, or physics. If you would like to learn more about what specific projects we have available, please contact me.

For a summary of the Scherer group research on Fe(II)-Fe(III) electron transfer see the following youtube video:

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