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IE:4550 (56:155) Wind Power Management

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Basic Wind Energy Definitions
Wind Energy Acronyms

Part 1

Introduction: Why Energy from Alternative Sources

Part 2

Turbine Design I

Part 3

Part 4

Power Curve

Turbine Design II

Part 5 Data Mining I          Data Mining II          Entropy      Data Mining Software  

Part 6

SCADA: GE Perspective     SCADA: GEC Perspective

Part 7

Wind as Fuel        

Part 8

Energy Output       Wind Data

Part 10 Gearbox

Part 9

Wind Turbine Generators

Part 11

Turbine Control System

Part 12 

Wind Turbine Siting         AWEA Siting Handbook   WT Permit

Part 13

Turbine Life Cycle Engineering

Part 14

Wind Turbine Manufacturing    

Part 15 Condition monitoring     GasTops Perspective        Turning/Commtest Point Perspective 

Part 16

Turbine Integration and Applications   End of 2015 Spring Session/Final Exam: Thursday, May 14th, 3:00-5:00; 101 Becker Communication Studies Building 

Part 17

Power Quality        

Part 18

Engineering Wind Parks    Wind and Power Forecasting

Part 19

Wind Energy Economics

Part 20

Turbine Reliability

Part 21

Renewable Portfolio Standard

Part 22  

Power Curve Modeling

Ethics Corner

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