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Gary Christensen

Gary E. Christensen

Research Projects

1 R21/R33 EB004126-01 (Christensen)   6/1/2005 – 5/31/2009       
NIREP: Non-rigid Image Registration Evaluation Project
The goal of this project is to develop software tools for rigorous evaluation of non-rigid image registration algorithms with the goal to establish, maintain and endorse a standardized set of evaluation metrics for non-rigid registration.
Role: PI

2 R01 HL64368 (Hoffman)                       12/1/1999 – 8/31/2011                 
Image and Model Based Analysis of Lung Disease
The broad, long-term objective of this Bioengineering Research Partnership (BRP) continues to be the development, refinement, and validation of imaging tools for the comprehensive, quantitative imaging of the lung.
Role: Co-Investigator

3. R01 HL079406 (Reinhardt)                                                4/01/2006 – 3/31/2011
Regional Lung Mechanics by 3D Image Registration

The major goal of this grant is to use image registration to estimate regional mechanical properties of the human lung.

4. R01 HL080285 (Hoffman)                                      7/01/2006 – 6/30/2011
Quantitative CT-Based Lung Atlas of the Mouse

The major goal of this grant is to produce a comprehensive electronic computer atlas of the mouse lung.

5. R01HL073598 (Corley, PI, Hoffman, Subcontract PI)                  9/04 to 8/09
3D Imaging & Computer Model of the Respiratory Tract

The overall specific aims of this partnership are to: (1) develop and apply magnetic resonance imaging and fluorescent microsphere techniques to determine the dynamic, 3D structural and functional properties of the respiratory tract; (2) determine the 3D cellular organization and metabolic capacity; (3) develop and extend software and computational capabilities for 3D modeling and upscaling techniques for cellular-to-organ model integration; (4) develop a normalized atlas of rat geometries with explicit measures of variability; (5) conduct in vivo gas exchange and particulate dosimetry studies for model validation and identification of model uncertainties; and (6) provide a web-based "pulmonary physiome" platform for dissemination and training of researchers and clinicians in the use of imaging and annotated model databases.

6. CA129022 (McLennan)                              9/08 to 7/12
Precise Correspondence of 3D Pathology With Radiological Features in Lung Nodules

In the proposed study we will provide the 3D structural and pathological detail of lung cancer nodules and surrounding tissues using a purpose built Large Image Microscope Array (LIMA). This information will be registered with MDCT images of the nodule before and after resection, computed micro-tomography (micro- CT) detail and histopathology.

The University of Iowa College of Engineering