55:148 Digital Image Processing

Chapter 4, Part IV
Image Pre-processing: Image restoration

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Chapter 4.4 Overview:

Image restoration

Image restoration as inverse convolution of the whole image

where s is some nonlinear function and nu describes the noise.

Degradations that are easy to restore

Relative motion of the camera and object

Wrong lens focus

where J_1 is the Bessel function of the first order, r^2 = u^2 + v^2, and a is the displacement.

Atmospheric turbulence

where c is a constant that depends on the type of turbulence which is usually found experimentally.

The power 5/6 is sometimes replaced by 1.

Practical Experiment 4.K - VIP Version

Practical Experiment 4.K - Khoros Version

Inverse filtration

Practical Experiment 4.L - VIP Version

Practical Experiment 4.L - Khoros Version

Practical Experiment 4.M - VIP Version

Practical Experiment 4.M - Khoros Version

Wiener filtration

where H is the transform function of the degradation
# denotes complex conjugate
S_{nu nu} is the spectral density of the noise
S_{gg} is the spectral density of the degraded image

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