Spring 2007

Meetings for Spring 2007 will be held on Tuesdays

from 16:30pm-17:30pm in ???? Seamans Center

Please contact Prof. Milan Sonka or Prof. Xiaodong Wu 
if you are interested in speaking. 

Links from Previous Talks

Slides for Professor Falc„o's Talk, "Image Foresting Transform: A graph-based approach to image processing," (PDF format).

Powerpoint Slides for Soumik Ukil's talk "Image Processing Algorithm Regression Testing Framework".


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The College of Engineering Imaging Group (CEIG) provides a collaborative environment for medical image processing, analysis, research, and education. Contributing departments include:

†††††††† Electrical and Computer Engineering

†††††††† Biomedical Engineering

†††††††† Radiology

†††††††† Radiation Oncology

†††††††† Internal Medicine

†††††††† Pediatrics

†††††††† Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences

†††††††† Orthopedics

†††††††† Anatomy and Cell Biology

†††††††† Pathology

†††††††† Internal Medicine University of Chicago

†††††††† Internal Medicine Brigham and Women's Hospital Boston

†††††††† Internal Medicine, Charles University of Prague, Czech Republic

†††††††† Surgery, College of Medicine, Graz, Austria

†††††††† Radiology, College of Medicine, Graz, Austria

†††††††† Institute of Computer Vision and Graphics, Technical University, Austria





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