Water Resources Engineering Textbooks

The following is a non-comprehensive list of textbooks and references for hydrology and water resources. 

Course Textbooks (we will having readings in class)

Loucks, D. P., and E. van Beek, 2006. Water Resources Systems Planning and Management -- An Introduction to Methods, Models, and Applications. UNESCO, Paris.

Gupta, R. S., 2007.  Hydrology and Hydraulic Systems, 3nd Edition.  Waveland Press.

Linsley, R. K., J. B. Franzini, D. L. Freyberg, and G. Tchobanoglous, 1992.  Water Resources Engineering. McGraw-Hill.

Mays, L. W., 2010. Water Resources Engineering. John Wiley & Sons.

Textbooks on Hydrology

Bedient, P. B., W. C. Huber, and B.E. Vieux, 2012.  Hydrology and Floodplain Analysis.  Prentice Hall.

Bras, R. L., 1990.  Hydrology:  An Introduction to Hydrologic Science.  Addison-Wesley Publishing.

Brutsaert, W., 2005. Hydrology: An Introduction. Cambridge University Press

Chow, V.T., D.R. Maidment, and L. W. Mays, 2013.  Applied Hydrology.  McGraw-Hill.

Dingman, S. L., 2008.  Physical Hydrology.  Prentice Hall.

Linsley, Jr., R. K., M. A. Kohler, and J. L. H. Paulhus, 1982.  Hydrology for Engineers, 3rd Edition.  McGraw-Hill.

McCuen, R. H., 2004.  Hydrologic Analysis and Design, 3rd Edition.  Prentice Hall.

Singh, V. P., 1992.  Elementary Hydrology.  Prentice Hall.

Viessman, Jr., W., and G. L. Lewis, 2002.  Introduction to Hydrology, 5th Edition.  Prentice Hall.

Textbooks on Hydrology, Hydraulics, and Water Resources

Chin, D. A., 2012.  Water-Resources Engineering, 2nd Edition.  Prentice Hall.

General References 

Maidment, D. R., Editor, 1992.  Handbook of Hydrology.  McGraw-Hill.

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