Welcome to the home page for the Guymon Research Laboratory of Polymers and Liquid crystals. Our research focuses on photopolymerization, or UV curing, with specific emphasis on the role that the polymerization reaction and the order of the polymerization system play on the ultimate properties and structure of the polymer.

Current research projects involve investigation of:

      * Lyotropic liquid crystals as templates for the creation of biodegradable nanostructured material
* Polymerizable surfactants as dispersing agents in polymer-clay nanocomposites
* Nanostructured materials based of polymerizable lyotropic liquid crystals

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Office Address

4125 Seamans Center
Iowa City, IA  52242
    (319) 335-5015

 FAX:  319/335-1415


Lab Address

358 IATL

Iowa City, IA  52242
(319) 335-0338

Chemical and Biochemical Engineering
4133 Seamans Center for the Engineering Arts and Sciences
Iowa City, Iowa 52242-1527 USA
Tel: 319.335.1400
Fax: 319.335.1415