October 2012 - The University of Iowa hosted the IUCRC Photopolymerization Center's Fall 2012 Meeting, which included a poster session and new research proposals from PIs associated with both UI and UC Boulder

October 2012 - The Guymon Research Group welcomes a new graduate student, Jake McLaughlin

Septemeber 2012 - Dr. Guymon, Céline, Brad F., Kristan, and Todd travelled to Madison, WI to participate in the MRSEC conference

August 2012 - Brad T. presented his research at the ACS National Meeting in Philadelphia, PA

June 2012 - The Guymon Research Group welcomes their first ever post-doc: Céline Baguenard

April 2012 - The Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering appointed Dr. Guymon as the new Department Executive Officer

April 2012 - Congratulations to Soon Ki Kim, the most recent Guymon PhD graduate

November 2011 - Guymon Research Group welcomes two new graduate students: Todd Thorson and Jon Scholte

June 2011 - Dr. Guymon, Soon Ki, Brad F., Clint, and Kristan attended the Photopolymerization Fundamentals meeting in Breckenridge Colorado

June 2011 - Dr. Guymon, Brad F., and Kristan traveled to ORNL in Tennessee to utilized the neutron scattering facility

04/11 - 04/12/2010 - Soon Ki, Brad F., and Clint presented posters at the Charles E. Hoyle Memorial Symposium at the University of Southern Mississippi

02/24/2010 - The website if finally up and running again!  A special thanks to Ms. Natalie Potter for all your help!

10/21/2009 - Soon Ki presented his work at the Midwest Regional ACS Meeting in Iowa City

10/15/2009 - Guymon Research Group welcomes Brad Tuft and Kristan Sorenson!

11/15/2008 - Kwame Owusu-Adom successfully defended his PhD dissertation. Congratulations!

Kwame will join 3M next spring.  Former Guymon group member Jason Clapper also works at 3M.

11/01/2008 - Guymon Research Group welcomes Brad Forney and Clinton Cook!

11/01/2008 - Guymon group is back in the IATL labs

Summer 2008- We survived the FLOODS...!

04/06/2008 -Mr. Lucas Sievens-Figueroa and and Mr. Kwame Owusu-Adom presented their research at the ACS/AICHE meeting celebrated in New Orleans.

02/07/2008 - Mr. Kwame Owusu-Adom participated in the Alliances for Graduate Education and the Professoriate (AGEP) National Conference celebrated in Chicago.  Another conference... many more to come.

01/01/2008 - Guymon Research Group receives Soon Ki as a new member! Soon Ki comes from Korea. Welcome Soon Ki!!!

11/16/2007 - The University of Iowa College of Engineering has named Dr. C. Allan Guymon as Donald E. Bently Faculty Fellows of Engineering. The faculty fellowships were established in June 2002 to support the research of junior faculty through a gift to the UI Foundation from UI engineering graduate Donald E. Bently.  To read the news visit the following link: http://news-releases.uiowa.edu/2007/november/111607bentlyfellows.html

10/31/2007 - Mr. Lucas Sievens-Figueroa participated in the Society of Hispanics and Professional Engineers (SHPE) National Conference celebrated in Philadelphia. Lucas was part of the student crew sent by the College of Engineering to recruit minorities. For more information about SHPE see the following website: http://oneshpe.shpe.org. 

For more information about minorities recruting efforts for Iowa Engineering visit the EI2 website: http://www.engineering.uiowa.edu/ethnic-inclusion/what_is/index.html

10/05/2007 - Mr. Kwame Owusu-Adom participated in the GEM National Conference celebrated in Las Vegas.  Another conference... four other conferences to go during this academic year.

For more information about GEM see the following website: http://www.gemfellowship.org/

09/27/2007 - Dr. Guymon presented the paper entitled “Nanostructured Polymeric Hydrogels for Ophthalmic Stent Devices and Neovascularization” during the Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Institue Fall 2007 Symposium Series.

09/24/2007 - Mr. Kwame Owusu-Adom participated in the higly competitive DOW Best conference celebrated in Michigan.  Congratulations Kwame!

For more information about DOW Best see the following website: http://www.dow.com/best/whats.htm

08/21/2007 - Mr. Lucas Sievens-Figueroa and and Mr. Kwame Owusu-Adom presented their research at the ACS fall meeting celebrated in Boston.

08/16/2007 - Finally!!  The Guymon lab Website is up and working. The website was created by Lucas Sievens and Ricardo Colon.  Thanks Ricardo for your time and effort!

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