C. Allan Guymon- Principal Investigator

Donald E. Bently Faculty Fellow of Engineering

Professor and Department Executive Officer

B.S. 1993, Weber State University
M.S. 1995, University of Colorado
Ph.D. 1997, University of Colorado
319/335-5015; fax: 319/335-1415

email: allan-guymon@uiowa.edu

         Curriculum Vitae


Céline Baguenard

               E-mail: celine-baguenard@uiowa.edu

               Project: silicone-containing hydrogels


Clinton Cook

          E-mail:  clinton-cook@uiowa.edu

          Project: photo-enforced stratification 


Bradley Forney

          E-mail:  bradley-forney@uiowa.edu

          Project: controlled polymer nanostructures


Bradley Tuft

          E-mail: bradley-tuft@uiowa.edu

          Project: directing nerve growth using micropatterned polymers 


Kristan (Sorenson) Worthington

         E-mail: kristan-sorenson@uiowa.edu

         Project: stem cell scaffolds for retinal regeneration 


Todd  Thorson

         E-mail: todd-thorson@uiowa.edu      

         Project: generating and modeling nanostructured polymers



Jon Scholte

         E-mail: jon-scholte@uiowa.edu 

         Project: controlling photopolymerization using functional group placement


Jacob McLaughlin

            E-mail: jacob-mclaughlin@uiowa.edu

          Project:  generating and modeling nanostructured polymers


Austin Hangartner

Alexandra Bartlett

Jaehyun Cho


Chemical and Biochemical Engineering
4133 Seamans Center for the Engineering Arts and Sciences
Iowa City, Iowa 52242-1527 USA
Tel: 319.335.1400
Fax: 319.335.1415